Wednesday is a Good Show for any day of the Week


Stock photo of TV remote

Kendall Hobbs

Netflix’s Wednesday was one of the best series to come out in a long time. The series takes a dark spin on the 1964 original The Addams Family while also adding plenty of humor. 

Wednesday Addams, played by Jenna Ortega, attends Nevermore Academy while simultaneously attempting to discover the secrets hidden within the school. The series has a serious yet funny outlook on the original. From discovering secrets to solving murder, Wednesday is out to solve the problems her family left behind. With all the dark twists and turns, Wednesday will leave you wanting more.

With Tim Burton directing the first four episodes, he portrays the theme of the series very well. The main theme of the series is that being different isn’t so bad. From having new relationships to learning how to share a room, Wednesday shows the life of outcast students finding their way.

While trying to solve secrets and murder, the series also follows Wednesday through a journey of self discovery. Learning valuable traits like teamwork and tolerance, Wednesday discovers traits she didn’t think she had. 

Shown throughout the show, Wednesday is seen as a defensive, cruel person. From jumping in front of cars to saving her friend’s life, Wednesday cares for people more than they know. In the end she will do whatever it takes to solve a mystery while also keeping the people she cares for safe.