The Roaring Gazette: Volume 6, Issue 4


Jenna Hentrich

Tallwood Leadership Pyramid


New Classes New Lunch, How is it Affecting Tallwood? by Sophia Dodge

Tallwood Shows Their School Spirit During the Winter Pep Rally by Rowan Countryman

Tallwood Futsal Sparks Competition and Camaraderie Between Staff and Students by Gyzelle Kay Bagsic


“Workshop Magic” is back–Delegates Return to Triple R Ranch for 9th Leadership Workshop by Jenna Hentrich

NSD Drippy: Student and a Rapper by Ricky Johnson

The Roaring Podcast: Lions in Love by Kaden Ellison


The Unhealthy Standard of East Asian Beauty by Amanda Vallieres

Stop Complaining: Three-Person Restroom Limit is Beneficial to Tallwood High School Students and Staff by Trey Kuriger III

Is Honesty Always the Best Policy? by Maleah Hill

Arts and Entertainment

Lockwood & Co, Bringing Books to Life the Right Way by Bella Bejarano

Wednesday is a Good Show for any day of the Week by Kendall Hobbs

“Take Care”, The Classic and Superb Album by Joshua Gapuz


Super Bowl LVII: Chiefs Take Down Eagles in Exciting Win by Javon Taylor

Meet the Managing Editors of this Issue

Meet the Managing Editors: Inaissa Sylla and Lissette Tenesaca by Inaissa Sylla and Lissette Tenesaca