New Classes New Lunch, How is it Affecting Tallwood?


Sophia Dodge

Students taking advantage of Lion Lunch.

Sophia Dodge

Lion Lunch, or one lunch, started January 31, 2023, along with the new school semester.

Many students use Lion Lunch for the same purposes. They benefit by using the time to hang out with friends, get extra help from teachers, finish up work, and take time for themselves.

“I like it because it gives students time to wind down before last block and just gives them a break and you also can have time to go to teachers without staying after school,” said Anna Lyubushkina, a THS Sophomore.

This isn’t the first time students have had this opportunity. Current Seniors had Lion Lunch when they were freshmen.

“Instead of getting out at like two or 12:30 I get out at 11:30 and I have so much time,” said J Santiago Smith-Jordan, a THS Senior “It’s definitely more convenient because if I have clubs it’s probably during Lion Lunch and then I don’t have to stay after school.”

Teachers and students have been enjoying their time during Lion Lunch by hanging out in classrooms and doing activities.

“I love Lion Lunch! It’s been a great way to see students for help, manage clubs, or just hang out and do crossword puzzles with students. It’s a nice break in the middle of the day,” said Mr. Matt Denvir, a THS English teacher.

Some students and staff aren’t happy with the long lines when ordering lunch; however, preordering your food has been implemented, so that should help shorten lunch lines.

“It’s very crowded, and really loud, so I don’t really like it that much. I mostly like it [lion lunch] because I get to see most of my friends and I get to go get lessons from my other teachers so I don’t hate it that much,” said Kiera Mignott, a THS Junior.

The big crowds have proven to be a struggle for the library as well. With tons of students choosing to hang out in the library, it gets loud and there isn’t quite enough staff to monitor everyone inside.

“There’s not enough staff to cover the amount of students that come in here … This is a nice library. It shouldn’t be getting torn up,” stated Barbara Bankes, a librarian, and Media Specialist at THS.

During Lion Lunch, teachers are given a schedule on which days to do certain tasks during Lion Lunch. These duties mostly consist of having to monitor the hallways for a period of time during Lion Lunch.

“I don’t think it’s terribly taxing, but I definitely think that having students come in for clubs and so on is so much better than staying till the 5:30 bus,“ said Earl Demott the Theater teacher.