Conflict Resolution: What Tallwood could do to prevent fights


Jenna Hentrich

Tallwood’s School Resource Officer, Officer Jennifer Hunter, patrols the hallways during the day. The School Resource Officer and the security team resolve many conflicts that occur in the school.

Ricky Johnson

Conflict at Tallwood is a problem and we need to fix it. With fights happening around the school very often it is obvious this is a problem and we need to do something about it.

Fights are being talked about around administration for a push to change the frequent fights happening. With this being the first full regular school year since Covid-19 struck the nation, we have had conflict between students more than before.

“Any fight at Tallwood is unacceptable and that’s one thing we don’t want to see, students can get hurt and they can get hurt badly in fights and that’s the last type of thing we want to see here” said Dr. O’Meara, Principal of Tallwood High School.

How to solve conflict can be done by any student by just telling any trusted adult.If you know or have heard of a rumor about a possible fight or conflict between a student, act fast because Tallwood does not want anyone to get hurt.

“If I knew of a fight I would tell someone, fights just kind of happen surprisingly” said multiple students from Tallwood.

If all Tallwood students can come together to stop fighting and just communicate, listen, collaborate, and identify a solution to end the conflict. Communicate with each other to see what the problem is, and solve it by listening to what each party says.

“There are ways to resolve conflict and those could include mediation and efforts to get to a conclusion that both parties can feel comfortable with” said Dr. O’Meara.

A 2015 study from the National Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) shows that kids with lower grades get in more fist fights than kids with high grades. The same study shows that when students don’t get in fights, grades improve.

With 2023 now here all students can change their minds from major conflict, to focusing on their education, SOLs, and final exams. Always think, “ how can i become a better student or teacher for myself.”