Why School’s shouldn’t have a phone policy.


Maleah Hill

Technology has become a major part of our lives from staying connected with friends and family to accessing information and completing work, our smartphones have become a necessary tool. However, many schools across the country have implemented strict phone policies that prohibit students from using their phones during/throughout the school day. While the intention behind these policies may be to reduce distractions and improve focus in classes, I believe they are misguided and ultimately do more harm than good.


One of the main arguments against strict phone policies is that they reduce distractions and improve focus in class. However, research has shown that students are able to multitask and use their phones in a responsible manner. In fact, a study conducted by the London School of Economics found that students who were allowed to use their phones in class had better academic performance compared to those who were not. Furthermore, many students use their phones as tools for learning, such as taking notes and accessing online resources, prohibiting them from using these tools only hinders their ability to learn.


Another issue with the strict phone policies is that it restricts students’ ability to communicate and stay connected with the outside world. For many students, their phone is their only means of communication with their parents or guardians. Prohibiting them from using their phones during the school day can cause unnecessary stress and anxiety for both the students and their parents, strict phone policies can be particularly harmful to students who may need to stay connected with their parents due to medical or other reasons.

In conclusion, while the intention behind strict phone policies may be to improve focus while reducing distractions in the classroom I, like said before, believe they are misguided and ultimately do more harm than good. Instead of prohibiting students from using their phones, schools should focus on teaching responsible phone usage. By embracing technology and allowing students to use their phones responsibly, we can improve their learning experience and better prepare them for the digital world.