The Roaring Gazette: Volume 6, Issue 3


The Lion Ledger

Tallwood’s Special Eucation Deparment wins the “I Make a Difference” award.


Senate Bill 656 is Causing Anxiety Amongst Students and Staff by Trey Kuriger III


The Final Mile: The Effect of Senioritis by Inaissa Sylla

GCC Provides Cultural Experiences to All People by Amanda Vallieres

DECA: Bringing Students to Business by Lissette Tenesaca

Meet a Lion – Ms. Pearce by Javon Taylor


Homework Increases Stress, Does Not Improve Learning by Josh Gapuz

Dress Codes Need to Be More Lenient by Kendall Hobbs

Why Schools Shouldn’t Have a Phone Policy by Maleah Hill

Arts & Entertainment

Avatar: The Way of Water – The Thirteen Year Wait is Over by Isabella Bejarano

Glass Onion? More like Glass Funion by Kaden Ellison


Tallwood Gymnastics Looks Forward to a Good Season by Sophia Dodge

Meet the Managing Editors of this Issue

Gyzelle Kay Bagsic and J Santiago Smith-Jordan