The Final Mile: The Effect of Seniorits


Jenna Hentrich

Sophia Chen sits next to a sleeping student working not so diligently in Dual Enrollment English.

Inaissa Sylla

Some may say the junior year of high school is the worst, but what about the effects of senior burnout and senioritis on seniors?  As their high school journey is coming to an end, many seniors have decreased motivation toward schoolwork.

Seniors at Tallwood Highschool are experiencing senioritis as they are getting closer to graduation. With many reasons as to why each senior has lost their drive, it has become more probable that they experience it at this time. 

“The fact that we have already been here for three years and we are doing everything for a long time. I’m just kind of tired of doing it. I’m just ready to graduate. I feel like senior year should be an easy year,” said De’Esca Stancel, a senior at Tallwood HS   

Throughout the school, many seniors are facing this problem. This leads to a decreased attention span in classes and many missing assignments as seniors are more focused on college applications and their future. 

“I experienced it very heavily cause I couldn’t get that much work done because of senioritis and like graduating so I experienced it.  It started around November and October, especially with applying to colleges. I found it difficult to do my application and FAFSA on top of my already school workload,” stated Amanda Vallieres, a senior at Tallwood HS  

Meanwhile, the repercussions of teachers’ classes on seniors play a big role in senioritis and senior burnout. How teachers implement how much work they give and how they are as a teacher can affect seniors. 

“As someone who teaches mostly seniors, I think we need to keep in mind that they are whole people and not just students and so we can remember that they have jobs, they have stuff going on outside of school, they have like larger life concerns. I think it’s important for teachers to balance high expectations with understanding,” stated Mr. Holland, AP Government teacher at Tallwood

Although some fight the urge to give up, some good things encourage students to keep going. There are some good teachers out there who make it easier for students to not lose motivation. 

“I know where I want to be in life so not giving up is my main thought,”  stated De’Esca Stancel, senior at Tallwood HS  

“I would say take care of yourself so make sure you’re taking care of your physical and mental health first and prioritize instead of trying to do everything. try to do something important today, and get those things done so you don’t feel overwhelmed,”  stated Mr. Holland, AP Government teacher 

The closer you get to your finish line, the harder it gets to find the urge to continue. With about four months left of senior year, many seniors are struggling to push harder. However, with high hopes and expectations, seniors can do this.