Homework Increases Stress, Does Not Improve Learning


Joshua Gapuz

Homework is very unnecessary and should be abolished. It causes high stress on students and can break a student’s confidence. 

According to a CNN story, research showed that 56% of students said that homework is a primary stress in their lives. This shows that homework can create many problems in one’s life. Students do not want to be at school doing work for 6-8 hours and then come home to do more work.

While some may say that homework is beneficial, many others certainly disagree.

Stanford University found out that those who have excessive homework may be at risk for stress-related problems. This can include sleep deprivation and headaches. Stanford then stated that students who are receiving excessive homework, may not meet their “developmental needs.”

Nowadays homework often requires students to use technology and internet connection to complete their work. In an article in Investopedia claims that students that are in low-income families may be affected by the lack of internet connection. 

Some teachers may say that homework can help students grow and show progress, but in an article by sedl.org, research showed that there really is “no relationship between homework and achievement” for students. This makes homework kind of pointless. 

Since homework is like an added layer of stress for many students, this can result in students scrambling to rush and hand in work. In an article by The Chronicle of High Education, they said that students can be “under pressure” to turn in assignments and copy off of someone else’s work. Obviously parents want their kids to succeed, but their kid’s’ homework takes a toll on them.

Overall, homework is very unnecessary. The negative effects of homework outweigh the benefits. 

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