Meet the Managing Editors: Gyzelle Kay and J Santiago


Jenna Hentrich

Managing Editors Santiago Smith Jordan and Gyzelle Kay Bagsic pose together.

Gyzelle Kay

Hello everyone!  My name is Gyzelle Kay Bagsic, and I’m one of the managing editors for the month of January.  Although I was unexpectedly elected for this position, I really enjoyed working alongside my peers to create a truly delightful issue.  My favorites include anything from the opinion section as well as the Avatar review.  I hope you enjoy the read!

J Santiago

Hello other students and staff!¡!¡! My birth name is J Santiago Smith-Jordan, and I have been given the lovely opportunity to be this month’s Co-Managing editor. This issue was a blast to make and gave us all an opportunity to write about things that some people may view as unconventional. Yet, all news is news so please take the time to read our articles! My personal favorite article from this issue was the Glass Onion review and I also loved anything from the features section.