Tallwood Lions roar over the Return of Lion Lunch


Bella Bejarano

Student eating lunch in the cafeteria.

Jenna Hentrich

Lion Lunch, an extended lunch block in which the entire student body is free to roam the school, is returning in the second term, and many members of the Tallwood community are anxiously awaiting its arrival.

To some senior Lions, Lion Lunch was their favorite time of day back in 2019 before the wrath of COVID-19 derailed that. Prior to coronavirus restrictions, Tallwood High School implemented Lion Lunch, a fifty-minute block of time in which all students went to lunch.

During this time, students could have club meetings, retake tests or quizzes, and avoid staying after school. Seniors are the only class currently that has experienced Lion Lunch. Student Cooperative Association President Roi Dela Cruz believes that Lion Lunch will be a good opportunity for students.

“It gave me a really good experience in being able to connect with everyone, see everyone,” says Dela Cruz when recounting her experiences with Lion Lunch in the 2019-2020 school year.

With rumors of its return in the second semester, Sophomore Class President Noah Wagner is very excited to experience Lion Lunch for the first time.

“I hope to have my class meetings during one lunch so we don’t have to stay after school for them,” Wagner explained. Because Lion Lunch will be much longer, students will be able to hold club meetings during this time, reducing the amount of time students stay after school. This is especially beneficial to academy students who live out of zone because they can more easily find transportation to get home from school.

Dr. Ryan O’Meara shares this excitement and confidence in Tallwood students that implementing Lion Lunch into the schedule will be a success. After the trial runs, he is pleased to see how students have handled the responsibility so far.

“We have a lot of confidence in our students that everybody will use One Lunch the way they are supposed to, to take advantage of the opportunities that are available to them,” explains O’Meara.

Now that Lion Lunch is returning, the security team must adjust their protocols to match the situation. Security Assistant Vincent Garufi, known to students as Mr. G, is very excited to see the return of Lion Lunch, and he and his team are preparing for the shift in order.

“The mess is my bigger concern,” expresses Garufi when asked about how the student body will react to the new lunch rules.

Members across the Tallwood community are hopeful for the return of Lion Lunch, with many experiencing it for the first time. When it returns in the second semester, Tallwood Lions will have many people to support them through the transition.