Laurel Hell is a Stunning Album from Mitski


Closeup of the Gramophone. Free public domain CC0 image.

Sophia Dodge

Mitski, or Mitsuki Laycock, made a comeback to her musical career with the release of her fantastic album, Laurel Hell (LH). LH was Mitski’s best-selling album and was the top-sold album in the United States during its first released week. Laurel Hell was aired shortly after the release of the lead single, Working for the Knife.

In Working for the Knife, Mitski sings about how her ideals in youth about adulthood aren’t realistic to what she has experienced. Towards the end of the song, Mitski expresses how she can’t blame anyone but herself for picking the wrong path.

While Working for the Knife was her top song, The Only Heartbreaker was a close second. This song talks about constantly taking the blame in a relationship and will always be the designated bad guy.

Laurel Hell has multiple genres within the album including synth-pop, indie-pop, and electro-rock. Mitski’s ability to utilize different genres while still being able to tie all of them together in one spectacular album makes for a perfect musical experience.

There is a song for everyone on the Laurel Hell album, some upbeat like The Only Heartbreaker and Stay Soft, and songs like I Guess and There’s Nothing Left for You are slower with calmer vocals. While Mitski is a loved artist, with amazing vocals and beautiful songs, this will be her final exit from the music industry.