“Her Loss” Album Review

Ricky Johnson

Another album by Drake hit #1 on the US Billboard and sold an absurd amount of 404 thousand units, and over 513 million official streams within the first week. The conjoint album with Drake and 21 Savage has dropped and has all the fans raving about it.

The fifty-one award-winning artist has dropped the Her Loss album with popular rapper 21 Savage. The album has sixteen songs with a total playtime of 1 hour and 41 seconds.

Flowing transitions in rapping and different beat switches make the album better than it already is. Two songs on the album, On BS and Rich Flex have fast tempo beats and both rappers are able to take turns after every couple of verses without pausing. Both of these songs are talking about their money and flexing about the wealth they both have.

Songs like Major Distribution, Circo Loco, BackOutsideBoyz, and more consist of Drake and 21 Savage calling rappers out and using their names in a simile. One example can be seen in Major Distribution saying, ”Bad Bunny numbers just a robbery, 500 million just for Aubrey”. With these songs still having fast-tempo beats, the songs also have a slow and low chorus. Because of Drake’s new style of “rapping” it seems like on this conjoint album it is Drake that sings the chorus then 21 Savage raps on it and Drake comes in periodically.

Now after upbeat and hype songs, the album slows it down a little bit with I Guess It’s F–k Me where Drake is the only artist on this track and he is practically talking about a girl and how he is doing in life. The longest song on the album with a whopping 6 minutes 36 seconds is Hours in Silence, where Drake expresses the dark state of someone who is struggling so badly they think they have no better choice than to take their own life.

The songs may seem great on their own, but the production and vocals were immaculate. The producer, Noah Shebibs did amazing on the transitioning and choosing the beat for the artists to use. The vocals were amazing and had no mess-ups and they didn’t require a lot of auto-tune.

Overall the album was not over-hyped and had lots of variety in the two rappers for all fans to love. This album gave Drake his 12th No. 1, and 21 Savage a third No. 1 on Billboard 200.