Meet the Managing Editors: Jenna and Kaden


Matthew Denvir

Managing Editors Jenna Hentrich(Left) and Kaden Ellison(Right)

Jenna Hentrich and Kaden Ellison

Hi there! I’m Jenna Hentrich, and I am a senior at the Global Studies and World Languages Academy here at Tallwood. As managing editor for this issue, I was really excited to revive the Roaring Gazette this year. I am very proud of our writers, and I am happy with our topics! Some of my favorites are the overview of the academy exchange program and the well written piece about banning books. I hope you guys enjoy this issue!

Hello there! I am Kaden Ellison and one of this month’s managing editors. I am a senior here at Tallwood, and I am part of the GSWLA. The main goal of this month’s issue was to make sure to get the ball rolling. My favorite articles in this issue are the Israeli delegation and the editorial about LEO. I think there is a good spread of topics about Tallwood, so I hope that there is at least one article that everyone would want to read.