LEO: Struggling To Get Students Engaged


Gazette Staff

Lions Educating Others (LEO) Advisory has been implemented in Tallwood in many different ways, yet some students still claim that it hasn’t had a lasting impact on them. Having advisory in schools can be beneficial, but the current implementation of LEO at Tallwood High School is not practical for students.

Participation in LEO is lacking across all grades. Freshmen and seniors alike all claim that they either do not participate in the planned lessons or do not enjoy them. This year, LEO Mentors were introduced to Tallwood. LEO Mentors are seniors who visit freshman LEO classes to aid with participation.

We are on a path to making a worthwhile advisory experience, but there are still many more steps. The LEO Mentors help with participation, but students need to be in an environment where they feel comfortable sharing personal experiences. A way to fix this would be changing how students are placed in a LEO class. The 20-minute LEO time should be added to one of the four blocks of the day so students can be in an environment where they already have relationships with the teachers and other students in the class.

Tallwood High School is already working on improving the advisory, “LEO,” program, but they still have room for improvement. Currently, LEO is not benefiting students in the way that it is being implemented. However, this program could be improved if LEO occurs in a more personal environment and the role of LEO Mentors increases.