Success of I Love Tallwood Week


Photo courtesy of Margaret Haggerty

Margaret Haggerty

Two weeks ago, Tallwood celebrated its first ‘I Love Tallwood’ week, a new spirit week that began on Monday and ended with Valentine’s Day.  The Roaring Gazette checked out what students and teachers thought about the week.


When asked if they felt the week promoted school spirit, both Haley Hyatt, junior, and Mrs. Van Petergem, teacher, said yes.  Mrs. Van Petergem said “it’s a good opportunity for students to show their school spirit. I feel like dressing up for each day is really uniting.”  Both Mrs. Van Petergem and Haley expressed their positive reactions to the pep rally on Thursday, with Haley saying; “It [the pep rally] showed school spirt.”  However, Preston Coyle, sophomore, doesn’t feel like the week promoted school spirit, saying, “I feel like putting on hats or specific cloths does not promote spirit.”  


Next, the Roaring Gazette asked what was your favorite part of ‘I Love Tallwood’ week?  Haley said it was “the pep rally” and Mrs. Van Petergem said “I liked student/teacher swap day.  It was fun.” When asked if they would want to do ‘I Love Tallwood’ week again next year, all three said yes, with Preston adding, “as long as the pep rally happens again.”


Overall, Tallwood’s new spirit week was a roaring success!