Tallwood Varsity Swim: A Whirlwind Of A Year


Malcolm Allen, Sports Editor

The Tallwood Varsity Boys and Girls Swim Team each had what some would call a whirlwind year. Each team exceeded expectations and has been very competitive this season, with the girls winning the most meets they’ve won in a few years. The boys were also very competitive thus far, and each team will be sending a handful of members to compete in the district swim championships. To learn more about the success of the team this year, I sat down with Jayden Fahl, a Tallwood junior in his third year on the team and asked a few questions about the team.

Jayden, whose main events include the 400 meter freestyle, and 100 meter breaststroke, among others, had many interesting things to say. He told me going into this season that the team agreed that this season was “gonna be interesting.” This can be attributed to the fact that the team had quite a bit of new people that joined, and probably had to take time to adjust to the season. 

When I asked Jayden what he believed the main factor in the team’s success was, he simply replied by saying, “the water.” He’s not wrong; the water is very important for swimming. However, he also replied by saying that the team was very unified, because though there are separate boys and girls teams, you wouldn’t know because the teams have so much collective camaraderie. Jayden mentioned that he believed the teams had “the most spirit of any school in the district” and cited that they had their own cheers they shouted at the end of each meet. 

I thank Jayden for taking the time to sit down and conduct this interview, and I congratulate him and the boys’ and girls’ swim teams for their memorable season. Though they have a few seniors that will not be returning next season, the future looks bright for each of the teams.