Academy Ball excites GSWLA+ students


Haley Hyatt, Features Editor

Many students attended the academy ball, did you attend? 

The theme of the academy ball was, “A voyage through the South Pacific.” The ball had music and a dance floor. There was also a buffet filled with Southern pacific foods. In addition, they had a couple of performances done by students in the academy. They showed off their talents with singing and dancing. 

Many students had their own opinion about the dance. They had things they liked and some things that they didn’t like so much.  Danielle Hutchings said, “My favorite part was getting to see and hang out with all of my friends in the academy, because we all rarely get to see each other at the same time.” Mackenzie Howard stated, ”My favorite part of the dance was hanging with my friends but my least favorite part was the inconsistent music.” Additionally, Ari Walker said, “My most favorite part was the food, least favorite was the location.” Lastly, Caitlyn Gray said, “My favorite part of the ball were the performances.” 

Another question that was asked was, “Do you wish there were more people performing?.” Danielle Hutchings said, “Yeah, it would’ve been cool to see more people perform, but also if there were more performers I feel like it would’ve blended into something more like the global gala, and it was hard to see the performers in a big standing group like that without a stage.” Secondly,  Mackenzie Howard said, “Yes, I wish there would have been more performances, it would have made the experience more fun.” Ari Walker stated, “I think that there was a good amount of people performing for that type of theme.” Lastly, Caitlyn agreed with Danielle and Mackenize, and thought that it would be nice if there were more performances. 

What would be something you would like to see different next year at the academy ball? Danielle Hutchings said, “I feel it would be more fun if there were just more people and a better mix of music (add in some more cultural music and such)” Mackenzie Howard thought, “Next year I think there should be one DJ who just sits by the speakers and takes songs that all the students know.” Ari Walker stated, “I think it would have been better in the gym, and we should have a DJ instead of people plugging up their phones and playing their own music.” Lastly, Caitlyn Gray said, “I would like to have seen more people performing. Also I would have liked it if they had better music.”

The last question asked was, “Would you go to the academy ball next year?” Danielle Hutchings said, “ “Yes i’m definitely going next year, even if it’s only for the food.” Mackenzie Howard answered, “I’m not sure if it’d go to the academy ball next year.” Ari Walker said,  “I would go next year.” Finally, Caitlyn Gray said, ““I don’t know if i would attend it again next year.”

In conclusion, there were many different opinions from several students. Overall, everyone had a better time than not. Sadly, there were some things that they would have liked to be seen differently. In summary, the academy ball was a success and will hopefully take place again next year.