Ask Tallwood: What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Madeline Uhler

“To actually pay attention in class.” – Harmony Boudy, Junior


“To not procrastinate on my homework as much.” – Anna Hendrick, Junior


“To not be selectively kind.” – Grant Rose, Junior


“I want to spend at least thirty minutes a day reading for pleasure.” – Patricia Downing, Teacher


“To be more happy and healthy.” – Oneida Zavala, Junior


“I want to stress less and be a better me.” – Danielle Hutchings, Junior


“To follow my diet and to do yoga.” – Elizabeth VanOrder, Junior


“To stop sleepwalking.” – Helron Zheng, Junior


“To lose my double chin.” – Matthew Denvir, Teacher


“Eat more mac and cheese.” – Emma Rossettini, Junior


“To get a better grade in math.” – Jia Haynie, Junior


“I want to end the school year with principle’s list, I want to draw closer to God, and I want to finish writing my book.” – Odelia Handy, Junior