Mrs. Lizan wins Tallwood Teacher of the Year

Malak Laaguiby

Rachel Lizan, Library Media Specialist, has won the 2021 Teacher of the Year award.

Throughout her time working at Tallwood High School, Mrs. Lizan has contributed to the school in numerous ways with her knowledge of research, projects, and culture. 

According to James Avila, Tallwood Principle, Mrs. Lizan “has totally redesigned the library with new learning spaces.” Moreover, she is an “instructional leader who helps all of our teachers plan innovative ways that students can conduct research” and assists teachers in “designing project-based lessons,” commented Dr. Avila. 

“That’s not all that she does, she mentors students for their senior projects for the global studies academy,” commented Barbara Bankes, Library Media Assistant. Lizan is dedicated to all her duties which is evident in the many ways she contributes to Tallwood lions. 

Mrs. Lizan shares the customs and traditions of her culture by sponsoring and participating in the Filipino Culture Club. Oneida Zavala, GSWLA student, stated, “She brings her Filipino culture alive in Tallwood by helping the Filipino club and teaching them different dances.” Not only does she embrace her culture in school but she also “goes to parades and social functions around town,” said Bankes.

She puts many hours into ensuring that she provides help to those who ask for it, her work in the library “often requires her coming in early, staying late, and working through lunch,” said Bankes. Despite the workload, Mrs. Lizan is always willing to help and encourage students and teachers alike.

Lizan’s selection as Teacher of the Year was made by a panel of the previous recipients of the award who believe that her accomplishments, “professional development,” and “leadership roles exceeded the other candidates nominated,” stated Dr. Avila.

Mrs. Lizan won 2021 Teacher of the Year because of her dedication to teaching students, ability to help teachers arrange research-based lessons, and passion for sharing her culture with any students who are willing to learn.