Top 5 Action/Adventure Movies of 2019

Xander Diaz

Top 5 2019 adventure/action movies

2019 had a great lineup of action packed and adventure enduring tales. These movies have made millions at the box office and are great movies that I would recommend for anyone to see. These movies may also be emotional and comical, but are action and adventure packed. These movies will not exceed the PG-13 rating for school appropriateness, plus I probably didn’t see them anyway. So here are my top 5 2019 Action/Adventure Movies. 

Warning, spoilers ahead for any 2019 movie!

5. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is a movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Casting Brie Larson as our main protagonist, this film explains and dives into the origin story of Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel entails a story of perseverance in the male dominant classification of superheroes. Danvers embarks on a recap of what actually happened in her life on planet Earth. She finds the truth of her past after wiping away the lies that the Kree, noble warrior “heroes”, had planted in her head. She breaks free from their lies they told and flies away in heroism instead of tyranny. Larson is accompanied by Samuel L. Jackson, as Nick Fury, and Ben Mendelsohn as the friendly Skrull, Talos. 

4. The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part

The Lego Movie gang is back and master building their way through another tale of friendship. Emmett, Wyldstyle, and Batman come together to learn a lesson in working with others in order to not cause Ar”mama”geddon. Their “puppet-master”, Finn, has grown up and so has his little sister, Bianca. Not knowing how much it bothered Finn, she kept trying to play with him, causing a Apocalypse-burg to form to keep her out. She then kidnaps all of the main LEGO figures, exclude Emmett. The rest of the film continues with Emmett trying to stop Ar”mama”geddon, but he accidentally causes it to occur. Finn and Bianca then learn the lesson of sharing and peacefulness. 

3. Toy Story 4

Toy Story is back and it’s fourth installment to the franchise did not disappoint. TS4 was a very emotional but adventurous closing to our toy friends. The theme of the film entailed of moving on from your childhood and growing up. Although comical, the film’s closing was well done and very emotional. I remember I almost cried in the theater. Seeing Buzz and Woody depart and moving on from “toy”hood was very hard to watch but somewhat satisfying to see a close to this franchise. 

2. Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home (FFH) was an amazing film, not to mention that it was the first movie to release after Avengers Endgame. FFH was additionally the first film to kick off Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie was very good and did a great job at introducing Spider-Man Villain, Mysterio. His deception, although predictable, was bittersweet due to the ultimate likableness of the character’s initial attitude and/or character. Jake Jyllenhall, also known as Mysterio, did a phenomenal job as the villain. Jyllenhall made the character likable and even projected the feeling of deception to the audience. I was somewhat shocked to see he was a villain. I did know he was formerly an evil, but his performance deceived me think that he was a hero. FFH was amazing and even helped to let go of Iron Man, due to his passing. 

Honorable Mentions: 

  • Star Wars Episode IX
  • Lion King
  • X-Men: Dark Phoenix 

1. Avengers Endgame

Avengers Endgame, no doubt, was an amazing movie. Shattering the box office, Endgame was the perfect finish to the Infinity Saga by bringing every known hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe together to stop Thanos from destroying Earth. The film was delicately done and will always be either a cinematic classic or masterpiece. The film includes the five year old post-snap universe, where half of life was dusted away. The Avengers first taste of defeat left them scattered and scared. The team was disbanded across the universe, mostly on Earth however. After Scott Lang, Ant Man, returns from the microscopic Quantum Realm, he then explains that time travel is possible due to the time difference in the Realm. The Avengers, once more, Assemble for one last time…for now I guess. The movie ends with Iron Man snapping all of Thanos’ forces away, riding the universe of him. However, due to the force it took to snap Thanos away, it was too much for a Iron Man and Black Widow and their honorable sacrifices. The emotional ending of losing two of the core Avengers was heartbreaking but had a satisfying ending all the same. The future is yet to come and all fans are excited to see what is coming.