Anxiety affects more students than you may realize


Diamond Phillips


Something that most people have. Something they may not realize they have until it has effected them. 

How do you feel when you’re with a group of people? People that you have to work with, like for a project. Or maybe being with a group that you were assigned to be with when you’re in a different place. 

How would you feel in that situation? Scared? Tense? Nervous?

You feel like people are judging you without saying anything. You feel like you’re gonna drop any second. 

Your breathing picks up. You’re clutching your chest, hoping that your breathing goes back to place. You’re shaking. You can barely stand on your own two feet. Letting go of your chest, you’re gripping your head. Your breathing picks up again as your senses starts to dull. 

Anxiety can lead to panic attacks when you least expected them.

So be kind and understanding when a student says they have anxiety. It affects more people than you may think.