Tallwood lions show school spirit


Photo courtesy of Emma Cohen

Sophia Roquemore

Tallwood High School is having their annual holiday spirit week from Monday, December 16th through Friday, December 20th. This week is the last spirit week in 2020. The Tallwood SCA decided that Monday is Holiday Family Photo Day, Tuesday is Merry Morning Onesie Day, Wednesday is Cozy Cabin Flannel Day, Thursday is Ugly Sweater Day, and Friday is Holiday Character Day.

Students seem to be excited to dress up for spirit week.

“I dressed up for the Family Photo day today, and I am looking forward to wearing my onesie tomorrow,” says Gabi Guzman, Tallwood High School student.

Many Tallwood students showed their school spirit this week.

“Spirit week is important because it promotes a positive collaboration of students and staff,” says Tallwood student Naomi Rabino.

Rabino wore red to match with her friends on Monday, pajamas on Tuesday, and a flannel shirt on Wednesday.

Students were not the only lions that showed their school spirit. There were many teachers that also participated in spirit week.

“It builds unity and makes you proud of where you go to school and where you work. If helps connect us as members of the Tallwood family,” says Mr. Falls, Global Studies and Languages Academy teacher.

Mr. Falls wore his Eeyore onesie on Tuesday and had his door decorated by students. Mr. Sendzik, a Tallwood math teacher was also seen wearing a Koala onesie on Tuesday.

Although many students and staff participate in spirit week, some people think that not enough people participate.

“A lot of people don’t participate which makes something that could be fun a little boring,” said Guzman.