Tallwood bids farewell to a beloved Lion


Mr. Lawler takes a selfie with students during Leadership Workshop.

On December 6th, Tallwood High School says goodbye to freshman class assistant principal, Christopher Lawler. 

After being a part of the Tallwood family, in various capacities, since 1992, he will be moving to a new job as an employee relations specialist in Human Resources at Central Administration. 

“I’m going to miss talking to students just about conversations about how to make their lives better here at Tallwood, ” said Lawler, when asked what he’ll miss the most about Tallwood.

One of Mr. Lawler’s most well known attributes is the dedication that he puts into his work. He is known and appreciated for his positive attitude and the hard work that he has contributed to Tallwood. 

Mr. Lawler knows the importance of a student’s input.

“Students are clients. If we’re not listening to students, we’re not doing our job,” he said. 

Mr. Lawler has left quite an impact on many members of the school, including much of the Tallwood faculty.

“Mr. Lawler is such a positive and energetic influence on the school. He is a constant cheerleader at sports events and he is dedicated to his students and their success,” said Dr. James Avila, Tallwood Principal.

“I’m going to miss his positive attitude, his smile every day, and all the wonderful things he does for the students especially. He really cares about the students, and that’s where he is going to be missed the most, I believe,” said Meghan Berberich, LMC Assistant.

Mr. Lawler has been a part of Tallwood for a long time, and he helped to build it into a great school with amazing faculty. Many of the staff are sad to see him leave, especially after all that he has contributed to and done for the students, the staff, and the school.

“From his point of view, I’m very happy for him; it’s a well-deserved promotion, and I’m glad he got the job. So I’m happy for him, sad for us,” said Mrs. Cindy Rinehart, Tallwood Math Teacher.

“I’m pretty sad to see him leave since he has been a key administrator here for the past few years and he kind of held Tallwood together,” said Mrs. Stephanie Treviño, Tallwood Science Teacher. 

When asked about what she would miss most about Mr. Lawler, Mrs. Treviño answered, “his spirit, personality, and how enthusiastic he is about everything. He brings the staff and students in together.” 

Many teachers had great things to say about Mr. Lawler’s time at Tallwood.

Ms. Clarkson, Social Studies Teacher, called Mr. Lawler the “energizer bunny” of Tallwood and said he is “authentic and genuine.”

The student body has also been largely impacted by Mr. Lawler, and many have bittersweet reflections about his departure. The students enjoyed Mr. Lawler’s dedication to his job, and they believe he has made their education and overall experience at Tallwood better.

Joshua Darrow, an Academy sophomore said Mr. Lawler always has “an upbeat sort of a can-do attitude” and “he comes to school trying to change students’ lives and make students’ lives better.”

Even the freshmen at Tallwood, who haven’t had much time to bond with him, recognize the impact he’s had on their lives.

“It may be difficult, because he is very supportive and he keeps us in check. We want an assistant principal or class sponsor who will, you know, keep us on track and motivated,” said Grace Medina about the upcoming transition. 

The position is currently posted but is yet to be filled.

“I will begin interviews with candidates soon. I hope to introduce a new AP in January,” said Avila.

More than just teachers and students will miss Christopher Lawler.

“We wish Mr. Lawler the best in his new role, but I think we will continue to see a lot of him. He is the epitome of a Tallwood Lion,” said Avila. “He makes sure our school is safe and that our building is running efficiently. He greets you each day at the buses and makes sure you get home safely. He oversees our athletics programs. He also helped bring AVID to Tallwood. He contributes every day with his positive energy.”

“It’s actually a little heartbreaking. He left for a little bit and came back as a principal,” said Felicia Loper, Assistant of Security, who mentioned she hopes Lawler comes back to THS some day.

Mr. Lawler was Tallwood’s Teacher of the Year in 2006/2007, and he said Tallwood will always be a part of him.

“Everything I do, I try to bleed purple and gold,” said Lawler.