Tallwood Lions unable to agree on class rank


Photo courtesy of @TallwoodLions

Mitchell Durant, Managing Editor

Where do students stand? After the 2020 graduates leave high school, the class of 2021 and beyond face numerous large changes. One notable change being class rank. When the class of 2021 and beyond graduate there will be less distinction between students based on academic achievement. Some see this as progress with others are frustrated.How students and teachers feel about class rank should we have it? Is it good that its going away?

“To hell with it,” asserted Mr. Cummenisch when asked about the worth of class rank.

“The only people that have a problem with it are the stupid people who don’t wanna hear how dumb they are,” said Daniel Forbes Tallwood Senior. 

Most would not be as harsh with their assertion that stupid people do not like class rank. Some just think that its unfair

“Me personally, I don’t care,” said Tiana Corbin class president and Tallwood Senior. “But that’s only probably because I’m pretty high up like heather is like 25, which made me feel some type of way,” she continued. Tiana then remarked that taking more or harder classes can make it more difficult to earn high ranks. Students that challenge themselves more can have a struggle competing with equally intelligent students with lighter course loads. “So on some level it’s unfair because we all taking different classes and we all challenge ourselves at a different level.”

“I feel like it can be rewarding to those who are very successful but it can be discouraging to those who may not have placed as high,” thought Diamond Bryant Tallwood Senior “I think it’d be good to get rid of it.”

Many students were opposed to d interviews. Some seemed to not care about class rank enough to give an opinion. Some underclassmen thought that class rank should not go away.

“It’s not something I think about that often.” said Hunter White Tallwood Junior.

“If earn valedictorian, then you earn it, so I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it,” said Amanda Cardenas 9th grade student. “They shouldn’t since it pushes people to strive to be better and reach those goals.” said Amanda when asked about getting rid of class rank in the future.

“It’s sort of like you’re low rank and someone else is high rank. It’s kind of like one person is better than the other and I’m not too fond of that,” said a Senior who asked to be kept anonymous.

There is no consensus among lions. Many think class rank is perfectly fine the way it is, while others believe it should leave and never come back. Not all students with fairly high ranks have amazing views on the concept of rank. Few students were too passionate about keeping it, while many students either did not like it or were indifferent. It will be hard to tell if taking away class rank will be robbing future classes of an experience or lifting a weight off the shoulders of graduates to be. Only time will tell.