Varsity Field Hockey: A 2019 Regular Season Retrospective

Malcolm Allen, Sports Editor

The Tallwood varsity field hockey team is currently gearing up for a playoff run they have been playing for all season. Their 9-5 regular season record is an improvement over last year, where the team posted a 6-8 record. Because of their stellar play and their 9-5 record, the team will qualify for the regional playoffs this season. Aside from their improvement, this season has also seen the 200th win of Coach Theresa Platte’s tenure as coach of the varsity field hockey team. This season has been quite eventful to say the least.

The field hockey team’s 5-0 victory over Indian River on September 30th marked Coach Platte’s 200th victory as the coach at Tallwood. Coach Platte has been coaching varsity field hockey at Tallwood for 20 years. Seniors Caitlin Webner and Marie Iversen, who’ve each played on the team for multiple seasons each expressed what getting that 200th win meant. Going in, Iversen described the game as “winnable as long as we did what we know and can do well.” Webner said that because Platte has worked so hard on and off the field that it felt good to win it for her.

Coach Platte’s 200th win currently tops the list of many milestones accomplished by the team this season. With a lot of seniors playing their final season as apart of the field hockey team, the squad as a whole has definitely made this season count. They began the season winning seven of their first eight games, with the only loss coming in a 2-1 bout against Salem on September 12th. They went on to post a 9-2 record, before dropping the next three games, in hard fought losses to Cox, Kellam, and most recently Princess Anne. 

Their success can be attributed to the camaraderie that has been built between all the players. Marie Iversen helped support this by stating how the team, especially the seniors has “gotten really close throughout the season and the past couple of years,” and Caitlin Webner added that they have “grown with each other, lost with each other, and won with each other.” Going into regionals, Iversen also stated her confidence in the team, and their preparation. She described how they “practice everyday” and “take practice as seriously if not more.” 

The regional playoffs start soon. The team’s last game was on October 17th so they have quite a bit of rest before the playoffs start. And if the rest of the team feels the way Marie feels about regionals, this team is very confident going in, and expect to go deep in the playoffs. Good luck to the team on their run!