Spanish delegation arrives at THS


The Spanish delegation in the commons. (Photo courtesy of Giselle Falls)

Margaret Haggerty

This past September, the Spanish Delegation from Madrid, Spain, arrived at Tallwood and experienced ten days in Los Estados Unidos. The Roaring Gazette interviewed two of the students on the delegation, Marina and Eva.

The Roaring Gazette asked what sort of hobbies Marina and Eva have. Maria replied that she liked to “spend time with friends, go to parties, and dance.” Eva said she did the same, but added that she liked to watch Netflix as well- not too different from the average American teenager.

Next, the Roaring Gazette asked them what their favorite classes are. Marina said that her favorite class is art because she “draws very well and doesn’t like to study.” Eva said she prefers English class, as she likes to learn a new language.

When the Roaring Gazette asked how Tallwood is different from their school in Spain, both said that Tallwood’s campus is much bigger. Marina said that the students at Tallwood seem to study more, and Eva said she was surprised at the number of extracurricular and clubs available through the school.

Overall, the Spanish Delegation had a wonderful time visiting Tallwood! The Tallwood Delegation will travel to Spain in the spring semester of 2020.