French week set to expand horizons


FHS President

Mitchell Durant, Managing Editor

Bienvenue! November 3rd is fast approaching, and that means French Week! As the week of culture filled fun draws near, there are activities that any student interested in French or France should know about.

French week is held every year at Tallwood through FHS and French Club. French week, of course, celebrates French language and culture while giving students an opportunity to practice the language or become more familiar with culture outside of class setting. This will also be a great time to get some culture points for any GSWLA Students who need or want them (Check with sponsors about requirements). Those interested in participating in french week can look forward to daily activities in Madame Z’s and Walborn’s rooms during Lion Lunch.

“This year we’re having a sampling of jams, cheeses, and some crepes!” announced Noelani Stachurski, FHS President and Tallwood Senior. Different foods will pop up on different days, so it’s important to know which days feature which food. Monday November 4th will have jam samples, Wednesday will feature crepes, and on Thursday, FHS & French Club will have cheese.

Everyone should get their trivia brains ready and start studying up! This year both clubs will have daily French trivia questions on the morning announcements. The fastest to answer these trivia questions has a chance to receive prizes. Another opportunity to earn a prize includes finding the undercover French speaker. By speaking to teachers and students in French, one lucky student will stumble upon the mystery speaker and receive a reward.

In addition to tasting food, all students are welcome to come to Mme. Z’s and Mme. Walborn’s rooms to play games and participate in fun activities. These games are open to French speakers, learners and those who are less versed in the language.