Ask Tallwood: What Goals Are You Looking Forward to Achieve over the Summer?


Alexis Hendricks

Jaianna Mickens

“Getting paid.” -Marques McGill Wilson, Sophomore

Marques McGill Wilson

“I want to achieve what I’m going to do after high school, and come up with future plans.”
-Logan Ablang, Senior

Logan Ablong

“My goals for this summer is getting fit over the summer, for soccer season in college.” -Sofia Otero, Senior

“I’m looking forward to achieving many goals over the summer. One of my goals is to get a job. I also want to have fun, and save up money for college.” -Ophelia Reid, Senior

“Going to college. Getting a job. Getting my own laptop.” -Patience Malicsi, Senior

“I was thinking about doing track over the summer. I also want to do volunteer work at the library.” -Tyasia Nash, Sophomore

“I got to get my permit in order to drive. After that I get to sign up for TCC, I will be enrolling in the fall. I have to find my own place, and will spend my time with my friends.” -Jahmeir Reid, Senior

“Voice acting for Funimation. Improving relationships. Writing songs, singing them, posting them. Going outside.”
-Evan Aquino, Senior

Evan Aquino

“Get job, make cash.” -Alexis Hendricks, Sophomore

“Learning Arabic, and some other language.” -Laila Smith, Sophomore