Tallwood Sports 2018-2019: Building skill and character


Mitchell Durant, Sports Editor

Tallwood made strides this year in terms of athletics.

This was the year of small victories too.  Tallwood was introduced to new sports teams in 2019. Now Tallwood has both the girl’s and boy’s lacrosse team! Even though their seasons started fairly rocky, players are generally optimistic for next year. The Tallwood baseball team started their season with 6 straight wins.

“We won against Green Run. The girls team won for the first time in , like, years,” remarked Hailey Felton, Tallwood swimmer and 11th grader.

Even loss can result in the ability to self reflect and become better. “I lost tragically and I loved it. There were such incredible performances done and I got to be there to witness them , no matter how crappy I did,” raved Hannah Thompson, Tallwood Junior and forensics performer.

“We had a positive attitude in the room. The coaches had a lot of benefits too and they taught us a lot of good moves. A lot of sportsmanship too,” stated Jordan Rivera. “I did a lot better; I’ll tell you that.”

Concerning one of out larger successes, this year we had more Tallwood students make it to regionals for track than ever before.

“Even though we had a new coach to sideline and we kinda had to pick it up on the fly we got it together and we really came together as a family and it was really fun being with the girls and having someone to depend on and being able to cheer on the football team and the basketball team and competition making it to top three this year. Yeah that’s a really great year,” said Briana Savage, Tallwood Junior and cheerleader.

Characterized by character growth and small victories the 2018-2019 school year was one of growth and success when it comes to sports. Not only do Tallwood students excel in the classroom but also on the field! The Tallwood Newspaper recognizes how hard athletes works for even the smallest of successes.