Showcasing Student Talent: The 6th Annual Global Gala of Tallwood High School


The Tallwood Filipino Culture Club performing at the 2018 Global Gala.

Margaret Haggerty

The Global Gala is celebrating its 6th anniversary this month, on Friday, May 3rd. This Gala brings together cultural presentations of Tallwood’s GSWLA students along with the community’s cultural acts. There will be different segments, types of performances, and experiences that the audience can enjoy by “experiencing cultures from other countries without leaving the auditorium at Tallwood,” according to Senior Abby Martin.

This Global Gala supports the GSWLA by bringing in profits for the Academy seniors. This is a simple way for Tallwood’s students and his or her company to support the Academy’s senior class by viewing the enticing performances and GSWLA presentations by one’s own peers. The Global Gala also “celebrates the cultural diversity and fine arts of cultures at Tallwood and in the community of Virginia Beach,” according to Senior Yetzali Peña.

This year, the Global Gala will display “a few dance numbers, singing, and a poetry segment,” according to Yetzali Peña. It will even have an Asian cultural segment and African cultural segment. Tallwood is able to present its own students by showcasing the Tallwood’s Orchestra and singer/songwriter Yasmin Williams.

Students should attend the Global Gala because it demonstrates the concepts of diversity and cultural appreciation learned in Tallwood’s GSWLA. It’s students are able to present their own culture as well as cultures they appreciate, such as the Filipino and non-Filipino students a part of the Tallwood Filipino Culture Club who represent Filipino culture by dancing.

All students, and their families, are welcome. Academy senior, Yetzali Peña, comments that “we want all people to enjoy the diversity of the event.”

Global Gala information can be found at the following website: