Lacrosse wraps up its first season at Tallwood


Mitchell Durant, Sports Editor

The lacrosse season is near its end, and both the boys and girls have some lessons to take from the season. In total the girls will compete in 8 games, and out of those 8 games they have already 7 under their belts. Unfortunately, the Tallwood girls have won on 1 of their 7 games in total.

Paula, Tallwood Sophomore, remarked that the girls’ team began practicing a little later. According to her if they started practicing earlier they might have fared better.

“Lacrosse is a fun sport. I would play it again and again if I could,” says Paula, Tallwood Sophomore and player about the lacrosse club. Lacrosse is an often overlooked sport. After learning how to play, it can be quite enjoyable. 

“It’s tough though. It’s like a really big fish bowl. We’re the new goldfish in the tank, and the other piranhas [are] waiting to eat us.”

Led by Coach Carlos, the girls’ lacrosse team will challenge Kempsville’s lacrosse team on May 2nd in an attempt to end the season on a high note.