The newest Spider-Man will take you “into the spider-verse”

Naomi Rabino

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse expresses the concept of expectations in this vivid and stylish animated film. It teaches the notion of taking a leap of faith with personal judgement instead of forcing one’s self into what others expect of them.

The film builds its aesthetic style from both its music and its animation. The score and soundtrack include a mixture of both 90’s hip hop and modern rap. Meanwhile, its animation feels as if it came straight out of a comic book. These two elements have as much character and personality as the main protagonist.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse follows a black-hispanic teenager, Miles Morales. Through the film’s incredible storytelling, the audience feels and understands the weight of the pressures put on him as the movie progresses. Morales is not just a character in a movie, he is human.

Unlike its predecessors including Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, the protagonist, Peter Parker, is burdened by responsibility, not expectations. The character’s motives, as well as the characters themselves, are vastly different from the typical portrayal of what a Spider-Man movie is.

With the introduction of Miles Morales and his counterparts, not only will the audience get a refreshing take on Spider-Man, but will witness greater representation within media. Many children grew up knowing only one man behind the mask. Now, the comic book hero is more inclusive for everyone.

All in all, this film is enjoyable and fun for everyone who goes to see it. There is not a dull moment throughout its entirety and it reinforces the core of what Spider-Man is all about. Anyone can wear the mask.