Russian Culture Club


Chris Purkiss who spoke for the Russian Culture Club.

Anna Garrett

Tallwood High School is home to the Global Studies and World Languages Academy. It makes sense then, that Tallwood would have many clubs based off of the many cultures and languages in the school. One if the many culture clubs is the Russian club sponsored by Ms. Lyudmyla Yuzhbabenko, Tallwood’s Russian teacher.

The Roaring Gazette was able to speak with junior, Chris Purkiss about Russian club.

When asked about how he got into Russian and Russian club, Purkiss said that he got into Russian when his brother took it and taught him about the culture and a small portion of the language. Purkiss was fascinated by the language and so naturally when he got to Tallwood, he took Russian as a language. It was in Russian class where he met Yuzhbabenko, who convinced him to continue with the language.

As for Russian club, when Purkiss was a freshman, the club president at the time came in to advertise the Russian club to the new students. He explained the club to the students in Russian I and invited them to the meeting later that week.

Now in his third year of Russian, Purkiss is vice president of the club. Purkiss helps to plan the meetings. When asked what he does specifically, Purkiss said, “Oh, I make the Kahoots. I’m also in charge of the Remind and some of the food.”

What specifically do the club members do in the meetings? According to Purkiss, they play Kahoots on Russian trivia, eat traditional and modern Russian food, and learn a little bit of Russian.

Everyone is welcome; you don’t have to take Russian to join. The club meets every second and fourth Wednesday of the month in the distance learning room.