Meet a Lion: Mrs. Zhang

Meet a Lion: Mrs. Zhang

Mitchell Durant

Mrs. Zhang ,winner of the “I make a difference” award, is one of many kids’ favorite teachers. She is not only relatable and understanding but hilarious. And no class is ever boring.

Mrs. Zhang was born and raised in Beijing, China but likes American schools because of the creativity the students get to have. She even studied in America before becoming a teacher.

Mrs. Zhang thinks highly of her students, describing them as “good kids,” “funny,” and “crazy” but in a good way.

The feeling is mutual. When asked to describe Mrs. Zhang in five words or less, students used words like “A wonderfully fun pretty teacher” or “Kind, helpful…Funny…Inspirational.” One called her, “The best teacher ever”

Mrs. Zhang’s favorite foods are eggs, and she likes animals, plants, and watching documentaries.

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