Rather Rick Ross than Drake


Erin Nathan

On January 28th, 1976, Rick Ross was born. As a child, Rick was influenced by Tupac and Biggie Smalls. Rick Ross majorly raps about racial issues, everyday problems for people in property and the law. Ever since he was a kid his aspiration was to be a rapper and to make hits, and that is exactly what he did. On March 17, 2017 he left a giant blueprint on the rapping industry with his ninth album, “Rather You Than Me.”

Each song shows the depth and hunger of a quickly rising legend. On the first week the album dropped it was already number three on Billboard 200 and had sold over 106,000 copies. Rick Ross’s brightest moments were when he was solo and “Game ain’t based on sympathy” was a great demonstration. He told the emotional story of his childhood. “This goes deeper than raps and I can’t run from the echos,” he raps. From this quote you can tell that, even with all the riches he has now, he still remembers that he once had nothing. Rick Ross is one of the few remaining rappers who tells the tales of his life when he raps, and, nowadays, that is very rare.

“Rather You Than Me” contains songs. Ross had many special guest to feature on his album such as Meek Mill, Nas, Gucci Mane and numerous others. If you sit back and listen and really hear him rapping, you can clearly hear the passion in his voice. He raps with nothing but his soul, and, because of this, his work could be described in one word: beautiful. The average score he got for the album on popular sites is an 86 overall.

“Rather You Than Me” came out around the time Drake’s album came out. Drake is not at all what he used to be. He used to be a successful rapper, but now he sings more than he raps. The Motto, Started from the bottom, and All Me, were outstanding hits by Drake. Everyone was loving his music, and everyone was jamming to it, but now he is steady making songs such as Hotline Bling, Fake Love and One Dance. Yes, some may say the songs are a bit catchy. However, if you’re a rapper, you need to rap. In most of More Life, Drake was, again, singing more than he was rapping. At this rate, he will no longer be classified as a rapper. Needless to say, “Rather You Than Me” vanquished “More Life,” no question.

“Rather You Than Me” left a big impact on the hip hop industry. Rick Ross has always been a talented rapper, and he has proved it with all the awards he has earned in his many years of being a rapper. He continues to show and prove to the world that he 100% deserves to be considered as one of the greatest rappers in the world.

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