Top Ten Wiseguy Films

Top Ten Wiseguy Films

Charles Romano

Ever considered binge watching a whole list of some of cinema’s best gangster films?…Well here ya go!

1.Once Upon A Time In America
Without a doubt, one of the best mafia based films ever created was indeed Once Upon A Time In America.
Along with it’s historical accuracy towards how mobsters are portrayed, it takes a unique and very interesting way to tell it’s memory lane type of tale.

2.The Godfather Series (Parts One And Two.) Telling it’s extraordinary saga of the Corleone Family, this film series easily gains second on my list. With it’s unique and absolutely memorable sequences, The Godfather series will leave you breathless at every turn it takes.

3.Scarface (1932 version)
A chilling and thrilling crime tale, this film will leave viewers puzzled and guessing what’s going to happen next. Scarface delivers unforgettable screenplay as well as top notch acting! Paul Muni will surely be a character that I will remember for ages.

4.Scarface (1983 version)
The other Scarface takes spot number four with its shoot’em up attitude and drug lord style twist. With charismatic characters and its absolutely haunting “Say hello to my little friend!” inconic scene, Scarface will leave you wanting more.

Martin Scorsese entertains us with the true and horrifying lifestyle of a supposed wiseguy, with it’s unique camera play and absolutely magnificent acting by the actors.

6.Millers Crossing
Conflict is slowly brewing between an Italian mob boss and an Irish mob boss as the life of John Turturro hangs in a balance. With it’s shocking and gripping moments of suspense, this film of course earns it’s place with it’s gangsterism.

7.Road To Perdition
How far would one go to ruin a bond between two friends that they’re jealous of? Well, in Road to Perdition, the Coen brothers tell a heart wrenching tale of jealousy and betrayal as characters’ lives within the criminal underworld sprawl out of control.

8.The Departed
With it’s unique tale of an Irish mob mole and an Irish undercover agent, The Departed tells a grimacing tale of betrayal, secrecy, and blood. With both sides desperately trying to hold on, this movie will tear you apart when it comes down to choosing who to root for.

9.The Untouchables
A couple of small time cops try and ring in big bad Al Capone. It’s an interesting take to watch a few cops try and take down a large power like Al Capone as they slowly try and dismantle his criminal empire.

10.Donnie Brasco
And last but not least, here’s Donnie Brasco! With it’s unique take on the viewpoint of an undercover FBI agent, alongside its accuracy with Joseph Pistone’s life, this film easily earns it’s spot with distinction.

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Top Ten Wiseguy Films by Charles Romano